« Honolulu   Oct 30, 2023  –  Nov 4, 2023

A boy playing on a section of Waikiki beach, with the Diamond Head crater in the background
Shadow of a small passenger airliner coming in over a dark lava field with sparse vegetation
A man planting a parasol in the sand on Waikiki beach
Palm trees agains the sky, from below
A warning sign on Waikiki beach, "Sharp coral"
The rim of Diamond Head crater, partly in shadow, with light clouds above
A military fortification reading "Danger, Keep off" with a panorama of Honolulu in the background
The Diamond Head lighthouse with the Pacific Ocean in the background, taken from the crater rim
A woman looking at her phone sitting on Waikiki beach in the morning
Waves lapping on Waikiki beach with overlapping shadows
A dark walking path snaking by a few palm trees, seen from above
A hotel/apartment complex building in front of the Pacific ocean at sunrise
Silhouette of Diamond Head against the sky with Mercury shining above

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