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Waves breaking on the coast at Lerkil
Waves breaking on the coast at Lerkil
Leaves covered by frost, on dry grass
Dark clouds over a windy sea, rain in the distance, droves of seaweed in the foreground.
A boy playing on a section of Waikiki beach, with the Diamond Head crater in the background
The island of Lanai, with Maui (right) and Molokai (left) in the background
The island of Kaho'olawe with Maui in the background
A school of yellow tang fish over some coral, snorkling at Two-Step beach
View from a very Christian cafe, the Pacific Ocean in the background and a pillow saying "All I need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus"
Path and palm trees at the Pu'uhonua O Honaunau historical park
Patterns in the lava in the barren landscape at Holei sea arches
Mineral formations in the crater lake bed, with people in the background
The Kilauea Iki trail from above, showing people walking accross the crater lava lake
Shadow of a small passenger airliner coming in over a dark lava field with sparse vegetation
A man planting a parasol in the sand on Waikiki beach
Palm trees agains the sky, from below
A warning sign on Waikiki beach, "Sharp coral"
The rim of Diamond Head crater, partly in shadow, with light clouds above
A military fortification reading "Danger, Keep off" with a panorama of Honolulu in the background
The Diamond Head lighthouse with the Pacific Ocean in the background, taken from the crater rim
A woman looking at her phone sitting on Waikiki beach in the morning
Waves lapping on Waikiki beach with overlapping shadows
A dark walking path snaking by a few palm trees, seen from above
A hotel/apartment complex building in front of the Pacific ocean at sunrise
Silhouette of Diamond Head against the sky with Mercury shining above
Kalle, the russel terrier, sleeping in one of the office armchairs.
An Aerochrome processed plant, purple flowers on reddish leaves, with short depth of field. It's very colorful and bit eerie.
A mass of small red flowers, a white wall and some tree branches faintly visible in the background due to the short depth of field.
A sunflower, among the flintstone pebbles on the beach of RĂ¼gen outside Sassnitz. The sunflower is bright yellow and the rest is essentually black and white, though there is no selective color filtering going on.
Sunset, seen through the porthole of a ferry, with some stairs and scaffolding in the foregound and the sea in the background. It looks a bit soft and and dreamy.
A pineapple. in a bowl of wire mesh. It's nothing special really, I just liked the textures and the patterns in the mesh.
A colour photo of our rather cute Terrier dog, Kalle, in the lap of my wife who's reading. He's looking.relaxed and a bit tired, but also curious about what the photographer is doing.
An underwater photo of a bust, possibly part of a clothing mannequin or a statue, partially covered in algae growth.
A colour photo of a corner of the roof of a beach kiosk. There's barbed wire, presumably to prevent kinds from climbing onto the roof. In the background, sand dunes and the sea.
A colour photo of a beach kiosk, among the sand dunes on a beach. There's dry grass, and trees in the background. The kiosk is closed and borded up.
A colour photo of a wardrobe, clothes hanging on both sides. At the end is a small window with a fairly large and bulbous potted cactus.
A colour photo of Kalle, the terrier, standing atop a rock near the sea on a beautiful, clear spring day.
An artsy-fartsy black and white shot of a few small white flowers and grey leaves.
A small black & white Terrier sitting on the beach, sniffing into the wind, ears back, with a contemplating look in his eyes.
A colour photo of two beach huts in the fog, brown grass in front
Foggy afternoon
Still cold
Foggy lights
Foggy lights
Beau Vallon
Wind & rain

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